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Published May 4, 2018

Don’t like gathering professions? Tired of the Auction House? Here are some gold-making grinding locations for when you just feel like killing some monsters.

Whelps in Wetlands (Minimum Level: 25)

There are three types of Whelps to grind in Wetlands (all in roughly the same location):

The whelps have decent vendor drops, but also have a chance to drop the [Tiny Crimson Whelpling], which is a highly-coveted pet that sells for a high price on the Auction House. Keep in mind, this pet is very rare. It’s likely that you will not get it to drop, but why not have the chance at hitting it big while you’re grinding out for your mount?

Cold Eye Basilisk in Stranglethorn Vale (Minmum Level: 38)

Cold Eye Basilisks spawn in Strangethorn Vale just north of the Gurubashi Arena. These mobs are good for grinding because they drop a decent amount of vendor trash and also have a chance to drop the [Cold Basilisk Eye] trinket, which is one of the few BoE trinkets, especially for such low levels. These trinkets usually sell for a decent amount on the Auction House.

Tip: This spot is best for classes that have some sort of interrupt (e.g. Kick for Rogues), because the Basilisks have a spell that can put you to sleep if you don’t interrupt it.

Angerclaw Grizzlies in Felwood (Minimum Level: 51)

Estimated 30 gold per hour from vendor drops + variable amount of auctionable items.

Angerclaw Bears, Grizzlies, and Maulers spawn all over Felwood and are a great source of vendor items.  These mobs are easy to kill and literally all over the zone. This is great because you can almost always find a spot where you are the only person grinding.

Tips: All of the bears are pretty close to the road. The spot just north of Bloodvenom Falls (blue) has a nice concentration but has a lot of Horde traffic (may be an issue for Alliance).

General Guide to Grinding Spots (Any Level)

The above spots are just a few locations for grinding, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Here’s what to look for in a grinding spot.

What Makes a Good Grinding Spot?

  1. Frequent white and grey drops. You don’t want to exclusively hope to get lucky with rare items. The best grinding spots have a constant flow of grey vendorable items or high-selling white items.
  2. Low traffic. The ideal grinding spot is out of the way of normal quest areas so you aren’t competing against levellers for mobs.
  3. Weak mobs. You want to be able to burn through mobs quickly and reduce the amount of downtime you need to spend eating/drinking.

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