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Published May 24, 2018

There are 14 PvP Ranks in Vanilla World of Warcraft, each with their own reward. Players can earn these ranks by participating in PvP each week. Your ranking depends on your standing at the end of the week compared to other players on your server.

Rank Title (Horde) Title (Alliance) Reward
1 Scout Private Tabard.
2 Grunt Corporal Trinket.
3 Sergeant Sergeant Rare cloak & 10{324305fee543d457806ee55f8caaaf2ea551b621ab1866da8cc935d7c8c9dffd} discount from faction NPCs.
4 Senior Sergeant Master Sergeant Rare necklace.
5 First Sergeant Sergeant Major Rare bracers.
6 Stone Guard Knight Officer’s tabard, potions, and access to Officer’s Barracks.
7 Blood Guard Knight-Lieutenant Rare boots & rare gloves.
8 Legionnaire Knight-Captain Rare chest armor & rare leg armor.
9 Centurion Knight-Champion Battle standard.
10 Champion Lieutenant Commander Rare helm & rare shoulder armor.
11 Lieutenant General Commander Epic mount
12 General Marshal Epic gloves, epic leg armor, and epic boots.
13 Warlord Field Marshal Epic helm, epic shoulder armor, and epic chest armor.
14 High Warlord Grand Marshal Epic weapon & epic shield.

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