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Published September 2, 2018

Reaching Exalted status with the Alterac Valley faction is one of the best things you can do as soon as you hit level 60 because it is one of the easiest ways to get good epic gear and get you one step closer to being pre-BiS / raid ready.

The fastest way to Exalted with Alterac Valley is by playing on the Alterac Valley Holiday Weekends. Battleground holiday weekends last from Thursday/Friday at midnight until Sunday/Monday at midnight and always follow the same cycle:

  1. Alterac Valley
  2. Warsong Gulch
  3. Arathi Basin

You can tell which battleground weekend it currently is by looking for their faction NPCs in major cities. They’ll be stationed around the city next to banners. You can always find one close to the mailbox/auction house.

It’s not worth the time to farm reputation during off-weekends. It’s possible (with a lot of grinding) to get exalted in a single weekend, but it will often take 2-3 for more casual players. If it’s not currently the holiday weekend, you time would best be spent in dungeons farming the pre-BiS gear for your class.

During an Alterac Valley match, you can boost your reputation farming a small amount by completing the turn-in quests, but the reputation is pretty negligible. The best way to maximize your reputation is by killing the battleground objective bosses (Vanndar Stormpike / Balinda Stonehearth for Horde or Drek’thar / Galvangar for Alliance). In other words, just playing the match normally and trying to win will give you the fastest reputation.


  1. vanillaisoverrated vanillaisoverrated

    Theres no point in playing Alterac Valley as a horde players since the battleground is designed with an Alliance win in mind. Its utterly garbage and should be redesigned for classic completely.

    • lolthatguy'smad lolthatguy'smad

      u mad bro ?

    • Pisd Pisd


    • Wat Wat

      That’s so wrong lol, it’s the other way around. They even had to nerf Horde in AV because their starting area was so much better and closer to the bosses.

  2. agdsfsasadf agdsfsasadf

    so you have to stay afk in any bg in weekends and you get exalted ?

    • Asito Asito

      Sure. I guess you will have close to…. zero? rep on monday :).
      Apart from game automatically kicking out when afk, people reporting afkers do also exist…

      I suppose you are joking, but I cannot see the fun :S

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