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Published November 4, 2018

Sometimes you want to clear your chat windows in order to take screenshots, record a video, or hide annoying spam The following macro will clear the text from your main chat window.

How to clear your chat window

Copy and paste the following text into your chat in order to clear your main chat window:

/run ChatFrame1:Clear()

ChatFrame1 is your first chat window. To clear other windows, simple enter the number of the desired window.

How to find chat window numbers

If you have not customized your chat windows, then they are assigned the following numbers:

Tab Chat Frame Number
General ChatFrame1
Combat Log ChatFrame2

Alternatively, you can determine the numbers for each frame through trial and error using the following script:
/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage("test")

Simply test running the script with different numbers (e.g. /run ChatFrame2:AddMessage(“test”)) and see which chat boxes receive the “test” message. Once you’ve determined the correct chat box number, you can run the Clear() script above.

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