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Published August 20, 2019

Dire Maul (DM) is located in the center of Feralas. The closest flightpaths are Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas (Alliance) or Camp Mojache, Feralas (Horde).

Text Guide

Video guide below!

Here is the overall map (detailed steps below):

From the flight path, run to the center of the zone on the road south of the word Dire Maul).

Follow the path north and take the ramp straight up into Eldreth Row.

Follow the hallway until you reach the crossroads. Turn right and immediately turn left into the small tunnel that will lead you to Broken Commons.

  • Dire Maul: West is to the left (western side – Crescent Key required)
  • Dire Maul: North is straight ahead (northern side – Crescent Key required)
  • Dire Maul: East is to the right (eastern side)

Video Guide

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