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Published August 20, 2019

The Crescent Key for DM North and DM West can be obtained with a quick jaunt into DM East. Although geared/skilled rogues or druids may be able to solo this, it’s recommended to bring a group. To get to Dire Maul East, check out our Dire Maul Dungeon Entrance Location guide.

After entering Dire Maul East, immediately turn left and talk to Pusillin. He’ll ask you to play a game and run off into the distance.

As you fight your way through the instance you will need to talk to Pusillin a few more times. Two more times on the upper platform. Enter the large doorway on your right.

Once you enter the hallway, head straight ahead.

At the bottom of the ramp, speak to Pusillin again and then follow him up on top of the platform to the right.

Talk to Pusillin one last time to fight him. In addition, he will spawn four imp adds that you will need to kill.

Loot Pusillin to obtain Crescent Key which can be used to unlock Dire Maul West and North!

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