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Published March 17, 2020

So, you’re getting back into World of Warcraft after the recent re-release of WoW Classic, or maybe you’ve heard the hype and have decided to give the game a try. Well, I’m here to help remind you of the basics of doing quests, killing enemies, and using your inventory. 

Once you’ve finished creating your character, press “Enter World”, and you’ll be shown an opening cutscene panning through the opening area. Once the cutscene has ended, the player is greeted with their first quest-giving NPC, Marshal McBride.

You’ll see a question mark over McBride’s head. Right click on him, and a quest description will appear on the left side of the screen. Your first quest is a simple hunt to kill six Blackrock Battle Worgs (the Blackrock Orcs’ pet killer wolves) who have been attacking McBride’s soldiers. Click “Accept Quest”. 


Now, press the “M” key to open your map. The quest area should be highlighted in blue, and the player is represented by an arrowhead. Proceed to the highlighted area.

Once you reach the quest area, approach a Blackrock Worg. Left click the Worg to select it, and press “1” on the keyboard to use your first attack, shown at the bottom of the screen. Your character will then automatically use basic attacks until the enemy is dead. However, depending on your character’s class, you can press the “1” key to use a stronger attack, which consumes stamina. Once your stamina runs out, you must wait until it regenerates to use that special attack again. 

Upon its death, you can loot an enemy’s body by right clicking on the corpse, and you take the items by left clicking them.

As you fight, you can keep track of your quest progress by looking at the quests tab on the right side of your screen. You can also remind yourself of quest information by clicking on the text, which opens the quest menu. Once you’ve killed all six Blackrock Worgs, open your map again. Travel toward the highlighted waypoint to turn in the quest to McBride and receive your xp and fancy new belt. Now that you’ve turned in your quest, press “B” to open your bag and equip your new belt. Pressing “C” will let you view your character screen and equipped items.


McBride sends you straight into the next quest, where you must kill eight Blackrock Orc Spies. Using the instructions from the Worg quest, open the map and go to the highlighted area to continue. Killing and looting all eight orcs should gain you a small sum of copper and malachite, and now you just head on back to McBride again to complete the quest. Enjoy your brand new Orc pants!


Basic Gameplay Loop

So, just as a final, general recap of everything we’ve learned:

  • Accept a quest from an NPC with a question mark symbol above their head. Read the quest objective.

  • Open your map and proceed to the highlighted area.

  • Fulfill the objective (Kill a number of enemies, go and talk to a new person, etc.)

  • Open the map again, and go to the highlighted waypoint to turn in the quest and get your rewards.

Congratulations! You now know the fundamentals to questing, combat, and the inventory.

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